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The Meadows Primary Academy

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Blogs Pre May 2018

9th May 2018

In Year 1 in English and Topic they have been looking at Amazing Animals and Peculiar Plants. In particular, they have been looking at which wonderful animals they like the most!

In maths, they have been working on number bonds to 100, all the children are doing amazingly! Their teachers have been giving them plenty of hard work to get their brains moving, but not too hard work. Look on the Year 1 section to see more of their wonderful work!


30th April 2018

In Year 3 Oakwood, in there Topic subject they have been looking at food through the ages. This involved looking at the food the Anglo-Saxons, Romans, Ancient Egypt and lots more had all been eating.

In Maths this week they are working on shapes (2D & 3D) lines and angles (right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles.) It sounds extremely interesting!


27th April 2018

In Year 2 this week, they have been looking at the story ‘The Night Zookeeper’ and planning their own adventures through a diary entries.

Last term they were writing reports and stories all about Australian animals and it all sounded very interesting.


24th April 2018

What have Year 2 Oakwood been learning about?

This week in Maths Year 20 have been doing multiplication through arrays it sounds extremely hard! Throughout the term they will be learning how to tell the time and calculation types.

This term in English they are writing a diary entries and reading different story’s.

4th December 2017

This week Year 6 have been learning about the Romans, they seem to be really enjoying it! As part of this subject, they have been using powerful words to describe the Romans because they are doing a non-chronological report. It has taken them a long time to complete the report, but it has to be as neat as possible!

In Topic, they have been learning about Hinduism, however they all drew their own god to decide which one they would go to and why they would chose this god. While they were doing Hinduism, they said it was very interesting!

In maths, Year 6 are working on adding and subtracting fractions, it looks extremely hard! Some of the children were getting really confused in their maths; do you think you could help them?


30th November 2017

This week Year 1 have been learning about construction in their lessons and they have found this very exciting!

They have also spent some time learning about the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

In Geography Year 1 have been learning about the different countries that make up the UK: England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

In Year 2 this week have been learning about “Elf on the Shelf” and it is extremely fascinating to learn about, however, a naughty elf has come inside their classroom and made a mess. They are trying to find out which elf has done this to their classroom.

In their Maths lessons, they are doing their times tables with elf’s socks so it makes it a lot easier for them. As you know, there is many different elf’s.

That is also relevant to their English session! The naughty little elf that invaded their class has also been up to mischief and has taken all of their bottle lids off their bottles. Do you think you could help them?


20th November 2017

This week at The Meadows Primary Academy, it is Road Safety Week. Road Safety is important because people can learn the dangers of driving fast while children are crossing the road.

It is very important that you don’t go over the speed limit while you have a child inside the car as you could possibly scare them; maybe even have an accident because of all the shouting in the background which can be very distracting. We all should take care when driving and crossing roads as this will help to prevent accidents and people being hurt. Do you agree?

If a child was trying to cross a road and cars were parked carelessly, that child could cross at a dangerous point and it may possibly lead to an accident happening! Would you like that to happen to one of your friends/family members? We all should treat each other with respect and how you would want to be treated.

Please try not to go over the speed limit and be careful not to have an accident.


13th November 2017

This week we will be learning about Anti-Bullying at The Meadows Primary Academy. The most common types of bullying are name calling and tripping people up. Do you think bullying is okay?

Staff at our school help people not to be bullies and prevent them from hurting others or having arguments with other students/people. At our school everyone is very caring and bullying is dealt with by members of staff as soon as possible.

Do you like seeing others getting hurt? Do you think bullying is right?

If you see anyone getting bullied, you should follow these instructions:

Tell an adult; try not to get involved; ask the person who is being bullied “are you okay?” and try not to copy of the actions of people who are bullies. Please follow these!


20th June 2017

Year 6 have been practicing really hard for their production of Grease, they have all learned their lines, their dances and the songs. Almost all of the props are complete and they are all looking really forward to performing for the parents next week.


15th May 2017

Today on our way into school we all saw that an act of vandalism had been committed during the weekend, paint had been thrown over the KS1 playground and the Nursery playground. This is not the only act of vandalism in recent weeks the new playing field fence also had a panel broken. The police have been informed about this incidents and are looking into them.


4th May 2017

FIDGET SPINNERS!! The latest craze has already been banned from a lot of schools around the UK. Many pupils are however questioning why they are banned. Whilst they were originally invented to help relieve stress and anger they are becoming more and more distracting in lessons leading to the ban.  Is there something that can be done? or should the ban stay? 


5th April 2017

Today Year One have been practicing their dance! They were dancing to Disney theme songs, such as The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book and Frozen. They were all really good dancers and listened to their teacher.


23rd March 2017

Reception have been learning about phonics and practicing their handwriting today, as well as making flowers out of paper for Mother's Day. Reception are really looking forward to red nose day tomorrow and all the fun activities!


14th March 2017

Today Nursery have been learning about the Gingerbread Man! They have been reading the story of the Gingerbread man, as well as pretending to bake Gingerbread Men made of Play-Doh!  They have really enjoyed it!


7th March 2017

Year Five have been learning about different beliefs today, as their topic is to to learn about about different cultures. We asked a few children what they thought about belief, one said that "there is no problem believing in God and nobody is going to stop you". They have also learnt about why people do and don't believe, all the children were very sensible. 


1st March 2017

Today Reception have been learning about an author called Sue Hendra who wrote the books 'Gordons Great Escape' and 'Wanda and the Alien'. They have also been making aliens! All the children were really well behaved and were eager to learn.


16th February 2017

Year Six have been doing tests this week and today they have had a computing day, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They completed three maths papers as well as grammar, spelling and reading tests. 


7th February 2017

Today Year Four have been learning about dragons and the Chinese Blossom Tree in forest schools, they have also done some finger painting of blossom which they really enjoyed. Year Four have also been making a dragon using sticks.


1st February 2017

Year Six when to Hanley fire station today, they had lots of fun learning all about fire and the dangers of life. We visited several workshops, there was one that was run by Changes who listen to children who are having problems with something difficult.


24th January 2017

Today Year One have been doing gymnastics, they were all fantastic at it and were marvelous performers. I also got to join in.

They were doing different jumps and shapes, such as the straight shape, the straddle shape, the tuck shape and the pike shape.


18th January 2017

Year Three have been learning about plants in science today. They were trying to see what would happen to the plants if they were put in a cupboard, in the fridge and if they had no water. Year Three were all well behaved and love to learn.


13th December 2016

Today Year Five have had a science day, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They have learnt about friction and pressure using a tricycle and different materials such as wood, paper, card and polystyrene. They all enjoyed their science day and were eager to learn.


30th November 2016

Year One have been practicing the Christmas concert today, they have practiced lots of songs such as a gift called love, the brightest star, ba ba bananas, simply having a wonderful Christmas time and don't forget the donkey. They were all really good singers and were enjoying singing the carols.


1st November 2016

Today has been a very busy day at the Meadows as we have had a film crew in from Reels in Motion. Nursery have been learning about a famous artist called Jackson Pollock and recreated some of his work themselves.